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First split board with mixed keycaps :/
bybokkeralmost 2 years ago

The first split keyboard. I was looking at ergodox originally before deciding to go with ergodash. The keycaps were an afterthought. Had to mix in few extra keys from another set to make it all work together.

Added the rotary encoder for casual browsing. And speakers on both sides instead of LEDs as the bottom layer is solid. The base is 3d printed from an edited Thingiverse file. I slimmed it down to less than 1cm in thickness. It packs really nicely in the bag. Went with dual elite-c controllers and I added EE_HANDS into the FW, had to wire one of the extra pins high and one low.

The hard part is that once you get muscle memory with this keyboard around the thumb cluster (del/space/backspace) it becomes a new learning experience to type on anything else :D

The keys are quiet but the speakers surely annoy my coworkers :)

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rh_10 months ago

What for is the speaker?

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