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3D printed dactyl-manuform
bybokkerover 1 year ago

First handwired keyboard, I tried going fully custom and adjust the rows/columns on the 3d print. Ended up having to reprint the base multiple times and in the end, I still had to glue in some switches.

The controllers were added to the bottom of the case and their usb-c cables ended up a little too rigid.

I will try to revisit this build and add a wrist rest as typing on this keyboard without one is difficult.

Not a fan of the switches as there is no audio/tactile feedback making learning this layout harder :(

I ended up only using one elite-c controller (rip price), and on the other side I used a pro-micro flashed in qmk-dfu

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salt_rock_lampabout 1 year ago

Do you have any problems with the thumb cluster on this board?

Maybe something like this would be good in lieu of re-printing the case and rebuilding to add a palm rest.

bokkerabout 1 year ago

Yeah we ended up adding something similar. Got 2 gel pads from ebay and used a new 3d printed structure to hold them up right.

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